Katie Gilmore

Jim Barber was recommended by our realtor as the handyman for the inspection punch list during the sale of our house in Zionsville. He performed several tasks for us, some that he was able to resolve himself and others where he supervised contractors.

I very much liked his proactive approach to resolving the problems. For instance, we had leaking water in our basement from an undefined source. Jim dug a trench to uncover the problem, a broken pipe which had disconnected from the gutter downspout. He contacted a plumber to replace the pipe on the same day and came back the next day (Saturday) to fill the trench knowing that the ground would hard freeze on Sunday for a couple of weeks ( time was of the essence because of the impending house closing).

I was so pleased with our working relationship that I asked him to put me on his schedule for renovation of our new home in April/ May of 2016. At the end of March I contacted him to let him know we would be taking possession of the new house mid-April and were scheduled to move on May 20th, so he would have about 4 weeks to complete the renovations. I discussed the list of projects with him and asked for his advice as to how best to manage the schedule.

Long story, short, he was able to organize and coordinate the tasks that needed to be done, including wall paper removal from two large rooms, whole interior painting, carpet removal and replacement, and entire kitchen renovation (cabinet painting, granite countertops and new floor installation) within the allotted 4 weeks. This enabled us to move in on schedule, a huge desire for us after having lived in temporary apartment for 4 months. He also organized and supervised our screened in porch renovation following our move in to the house.

Jim was able to accomplish all of this while working on his own house building project, demonstrating his ability to manage multiple projects at once. Everything was completed in a timely manner and to my satisfaction.

I found Jim easy to work with, communicative and dependable. And, I will use him again for future projects. “

Katie Gilmore